Suburbia Fix

I spent the weekend visiting Sam(antha) and Dave in Buffalo, NY. It was really nice to catch up with them, see their new house, and get my western NY suburbia fix. Wegmans! Gargantuan mall! Target! Perkins! They were gracious enough to accompany me on a quest to find brown boots in a size 5. In all, we went to seven different stores and I couldn’t find anything. Blast.

Tomorrow is March 1. Which means I have three months to finish the birthday list. It’s time to crank it up a notch. I have one thing planned for this week…visit the MIT List Visual Arts Center. I’ll be stopping by after my two-hour fMRI session on Wednesday. I really hope that I get a printout of my brain after the session. I am going to try to finish a book as well: Carson McCuller’s The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. That’s all for now…

James Ivory

Boston peeps, if you are a fan of director James Ivory (Howard’s End, Remains of the Day, A Room with a View), he will be at the Brattle Theatre on March 6 and 7. Details are to come for March 6…I think he will be giving a talk at 7 pm. He will also attend the annual Oscars Party on March 7. Tickets to the pre-party are $75…that includes open bar, food, and a giftee bag.

Birthday List Update

As of February 21, I have completed 12 birthday list items. I should be averaging seven items a month. So, I am pretty much on track. Here’s the list so far:

1. Watch 8 ½

2. Get Arthur Frommer’s autograph

3. Walk in Hasty Pudding Parade

4. Watch La Dolce Vita

5. Participate in research study

6. Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey

7. Make funnel cake

8. Watch Raging Bull

9. Go to Matt Murphy’s Pub

10. Watch City Lights

11. Go to Globe Travel Show

12. Make soap

Boston Globe Travel Show

Linda, Mary, and I went to the Boston Globe Travel Show today. It was fun! We entered to win at least six or seven free trips. Got a lot of reading materials…saw a presentation by my man Arthur Frommer and his daughter Pauline. Tasted just about every free sample at the Gypsy Wind Jam booth…jam made by “Wild Maine Women.”

And then. All of the excitement happened in the last ten minutes we were there. As we were making our way to the exit, we walked by the Aruba area. And lo and behold, there was my friend Eddy Croes. Well, not really my friend. If I lived in Aruba, I bet we would be friends. I went to Aruba for my 31st birthday, and the highlight was taking a daylong tour of the island with Eddy. He runs a sightseeing business. He is a native of Aruba, and co-founded the national park there—Arikok National Park. If I hadn’t taken that tour, I would have thought Aruba was just a bunch of resorts on the beach. But he took me, and a couple with their teenage son, to the national park, the residential areas…off the beaten path basically. I got my photo taken with Eddy so I could be entered into a drawing for a free trip.

After leaving Eddy, we came across another free photo opp. We weren’t sure what was going on, but the photo was free and there were props. Mary and Linda donned leis and I strummed a ukelele for the photo. I think this company, Polite in Public, sells some kind of portable instant photo machine thing.

I am currently listening to a mix tape…I think it is circa 1996. It’s a lurrvve mix. Goo Goo Dolls, Journey, U2, Depeche Mode, R.E.M. Makes me feel like a college kid again. Oops, time to flip the tape. Is that the correct phrase? Switch the tape?

Stereoblindness Update

I had my second session for the stereoblindness study a couple of weeks ago. It entailed about two hours of hand-eye coordination activites. I had to put tiny metal rods in holes and put needle-like things on a pole. Using both eyes, then just the left eye, then just the right eye. Then I had to look into a stereoscope and note when different corners of a square popped out.

My poor eyes. They were tired. It turned out that my weaker eye got higher scores…the research assistant was surprised, as was I. During a break, the assistant was telling me about her work with monkeys, and that some of the males’ personality quirks remind her of human males she knows. It was awesome!

My final session is in a few weeks. I will be in an MRI tube for two hours. Looking at images and pressing buttons. I hope I can handle it, cripes. It sounds like there are going to be a bunch of people watching…eek. I may be able to get a printout of my what my brain looks like….I sure hope so!