The List

If I cheat and use the Ptown visit and the Ptown whale watch as two separate items, I will be done with the birthday list by the weekend. I am having a really hard time with my birthday this year. I hope I can go to Ptown and just forget it is happening. So here... Continue Reading →

So Long, 25

One week from today, I will be 35. I have the '80s song "Final Countdown" in my head. Not only will I say farewell to the 25–34 demographic, I will also say farewell to the 10-year-old photo on my driver's license. I think it may be the best photo I've ever had taken. I was... Continue Reading →

No Items in One Weekend!

Here we are, the second to last weekend before my birthday, and I accomplished nothing on the list. I tried to...but that doesn't cut it. As Yoda says there is no try, only do. Or something like that. I ventured to Mt. Vernon Street in Beacon Hill yesterday, to visit a historic home. I came... Continue Reading →

Falling into a Career

Last night I volunteered at an annual fundraiser for 826 Boston, a tutoring and writing center. One of the great things that the organization does is publish students' writing every year. How thrilling for children and teenagers to see their writing in a real book! This year's book launched at the event. Actually, two books... Continue Reading →

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