The Beach

I hadn't been to the beach all summer, until this week. I went to Spectacle Island on Monday. The island is a 15-minute ferry ride from downtown. Luckily I found a strip of beach hidden away, because there were about 15 four-year-olds squealing about swimming at the main beach on the ride over. It was... Continue Reading →

Pearl Fryar

I'm obsessed with topiaries. I believe it stems from my obsession with the movie Edward Scissorhands. I saw it six times in the movie theater. I love everything about this movie. The story line, the actors, the soundtrack, the set design. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, Edward cuts bushes into different... Continue Reading →

Washington II Washington

I read a sad story with an inspiring epilogue today. Writer and founder of Found Magazine Davy Rothbart met nine-year-old Emmanuel Durant Jr. in 1990, on a basketball court in D.C. Ten years later, Davy was attending his funeral. Emmanuel died while defending his family from a robbery on December 31, 2009. To honor Emmanuel's... Continue Reading →

A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

Every Tuesday night in the summer, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy invites volunteers to come help weed and prune in the Kelleher Rose Garden in the Back Bay Fens. It is a little oasis in the city, hidden by tall hedges. I think there are more than 100 varieties, and they all have the sweetest names.... Continue Reading →

1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts

Earlier this week, the "Great Places Commission" announced its list of 1,000 great places in Massachusetts. With the list, it hopes "to boost visitation to Massachusetts as well as give local residents the opportunity to visit known and unknown historic sites, cultural venues, and natural landscapes." I am a sucker for this type of thing.... Continue Reading →

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