P Is Also for…

Headed to Providence for the weekend to see Guster in concert for the millionth time. This is week 4 of having constant headaches and sinus pressure, so I hope I am well enough to survive the entire concert. Go see Inside Job while taking a break from eating Halloween candy this weekend!

P is for…

  CVS has forsaken me. At least the two in my neighborhood have. There are NO HALLOWEEN PEEPS to be found. In Peeps-related news, Peeps updated its website. There is now a Peeps World to explore. Peepsville and Peepstropolis to be precise. In P-related news, I am never going to think of Philadelphia the same... Continue Reading →

Skin Update

  The skin on my face is finally back to normal. I had a WTF moment* when I was buying face lotion at Macy's Clinique counter the other day, and I bought a tiny container of eye cream for $28.                   I am keeping track of how... Continue Reading →

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