Select One…

  I saw this bumper sticker in the MSPCA parking lot this morning. I might have to buy one, even though I don’t own a car.

Literary Idol

  I was in the same room as one of my favorite authors today.                       Bill Bryson. He spoke at a session at the Boston Book Festival today. Not only do I love his writing, but I wistfully admire that the man has spent a […]

Defiance Update and Happy News

  Well, instead of defying wrinkles, the “anti-wrinkle” cloths have defied all of the skin on my face. Will my skin ever be the same again? The “moisturizing cloths” sucked every bit of moisture FROM my face. It has been bumpy, itchy, and hot for three days now. Back to square one in the age […]


  I bought my first “age defiance” product. Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cloths. How can a piece of cloth stop wrinkles from forming? I ended up with these cockamamie cloths because it was the only product in CVS’s “age defiance” aisle under $20. I was overwhelmed by the number of lip-balm-size products for $20+. In a daze, […]


  Guster’s sixth album came out the other day. As I walked out of Newbury Comics with it jostling around in my purse, I thought, “If my life were a soundtrack, Guster would be one of the major players in the Boston chapter.” If my life were a soundtrack. What a great thing to ponder. […]