Where the Past Is Present

  10 down, 26 to go. Yesterday, Abby and I took a tour of the Massachusetts Historical Society. We learned about the history of the society, and saw a lot of portraits of important men and women. And a lot of gorgeous old leather books. I had an urge to sit down in the reading […]

Death by Misadventure

  I admittedly don’t read much fiction. I’m more drawn to nonfiction…not sure why. But when I read a novel like Under the Volcano, I admonish myself and say, “Self, you should really read more fiction.” Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry definitely deserves its #11 spot in the Modern Library’s top 100 novels list. […]

My Favorite Dictionary

My go-to dictionary as of late: the urban dictionary. I first happened upon it when I was searching for the definition of “ride or die chick.” It came up again when I was researching whether asininity was a real word or one that I had made up. And I referenced it just now to look […]

S Is for Sophie Who Choked to Death on Her Saganaki

I checked off two list items today. I went to the Boston Athenaeum with Linda, Melissa, and Stephanie. We checked out a cool Edward Gorey exhibit. The exhibit rooms were crowded; I’d like to go back again when it is quiet so I can really study his drawings. I found it fascinating to notice all […]

RIP, Borders on Boylston

  I have been following the cringe-worthy demise of Borders over the past year or so. I have always preferred Borders over Barnes & Noble. The preference stems from the fact that the local Borders was one of my high school hangouts. Who knows how many times I went to Borders to browse and sit […]