Safety Valve

  'Tis the eve of April 1. Yes, that means tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Yes, that means there will be snow on the ground in Boston. And YES, dear readers, that means that yours truly will only be 35 years old for two more months. Two months = approximately 60 days left for the... Continue Reading →

Woolapalooza and Aretha

  I volunteered at Woolapalooza at Drumlin Farm yesterday. I froze my ass off making yarn crafts with children. But it was fun, because I had never been to Drumlin Farm (= birthday list addition), and I saw a bunch of sheep and lambies. The lambs had just been born this week.      ... Continue Reading →

Pearly Gates

  Sometimes I listen to WERS at work. Sometimes WERS plays Automatic Baby (a short-lived group composed of half of R.E.M./half of U2)'s rendition of U2's "One." Every time I hear it, I wonder if I have died and gone to heaven.  


  Today, I'm thankful that I have easy access to clean water. Not everyone in the world is so lucky. It's World Water Day, folks. Water is the new oil, if you didn't know. I didn't know, until I saw this documentary...

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