Happy Spring

                        I bought myself a gerber daisy in celebration of the first day of spring. I don't think I have ever been quite so happy for the arrival of the first day of spring. I know it doesn't mean much—this is New England, after... Continue Reading →

Another Movie, Another House Tour

  Last night, I watched It Happened One Night, #35 in AFI's top 100 list. It was downright delightful. Such an overused plot: guy and girl meet, drive each other crazy, then fall in love. But the dialogue was so clever, and that Clark Gable...what a charmer. Today, Mary and I toured the Nichols House... Continue Reading →

Helping the Animals in Japan

  I really don't even know how to put my feelings for the people of Japan into words right now. The level of devastation they have suffered and will continue to suffer is beyond horrendous. I was researching organizations to donate to this morning, when I came across an international animal welfare site. #)($#*(@$, the... Continue Reading →

Number 15

  I eat a three-course meal twice a year, during Restaurant Weeks. Tonight, I had dinner at Toscano in Beacon Hill. It was very, very, very good. I would go there again. For the first course, I had mozzarella, tomato, and basil. For the second course, I had sea scallops and the best sauteed spinach... Continue Reading →

A Lull in the List

  There's a lull in the list, and I'm restless. I am working my way through a book, but it is slow going. I am reading The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler. The print is teeny tiny. I've thought about buying a magnifier to read it, actually. I am almost halfway through. I'm... Continue Reading →

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