One Month

Well, what can I say about the wedding…it was just wonderful. I parked myself in front of the TV at 4:00 am and was there until I think 11:30 am? Whenever they drove off in the Aston Martin with the “Just Wed” license plate. I probably could have watched footage all day long. I took breaks here and there, because I was tired from getting up so early…and from drinking a few mimosas.

I caught part of Oprah’s wedding party, and then watched the 20/20 special later in the evening. Will and Kate looked so happy; it was heartwarming. My favorite moments were when Harry glanced back at her as she came down the aisle with her father. And either said, “Wait til you see her” or “Right, she’s here now.” Heard conflicting lip reader reports on that one. And when Will complimented her and cracked a joke when she and her father arrived at the altar. And of course the carriage ride and balcony kiss were awesome.

Mary and I picked up our paperweights yesterday…mine came out OK. My blob of blue color is, well, a blob. Instead of a nice spiral shape. But whatever. I’m still just glad I didn’t burn myself or someone else!

Tomorrow is May 1. #%(#$(@%#. I need to to start mentally preparing for my birthday. I think I still have 9 list items to complete. The next thing I do might be getting my ear pierced at the top of my ear. What is called a helix piercing. Or maybe another spot, not sure. There are quite a few spots that can be pierced: tragus, snug, rook, oh my.

Almost Time…

Will and Kate’s wedding is only a couple of days away. Emotions are running high. I’m excited to celebrate. I have my scone recipe out, Twinings tea at the ready. A shopping list with champagne and chocolate digestives on it. I’m also starting to feel nervous for them. 2 billion freaking people watching their wedding ceremony? WTF. I also feel a bit for sad for Will, knowing that he’s not able to share the day with his mom. Both of my parents lost a parent during their teenage years, so I sometimes try to imagine what it’s like to lose a parent when you’re young. I don’t know why I try; I can’t begin to imagine.

It’s also almost time for one of my favorite annual events: the Independent Film Festival of Boston. I’ve been volunteering at the festival for years, and I love love love it. The staff is amazing, the volunteers are fun, and the films are great. I am hoping to see a few documentaries and a new Miranda July film, yippee. I highly recommend that Boston peeps check out some films. You will be glad you did. Seriously.

Want to Adopt a Cat?

If you live in Boston and are interested in adopting a cat:

Run, don’t walk, to the MSPCA. There are a bunch of adorable exotic cats waiting to be adopted right now, due to a hoarding situation. I spent time with them yesterday, and they are all so sweet and cute. There are Persians, Himalayans, Ragdolls, Siamese, and Rexes.

More than 50 cats were surrendered, a very sad situation. But many of them will have a chance to find new, loving homes!

Juniper, a Himalayan
Jujube, a Himalayan Mix

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here

Mary and I took a glassblowing class yesterday at Diablo Glass School. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was half expecting to work with little blow torches. I was most definitely not expecting to stick a metal rod into a 2100-degree furnace full of molten glass. And then sit on a bench and form the red hot glass using tools with my right hand. (I’m 105% left handed.)

WTF!!! As the head instructor explained the process, Mary and I murmured back and forth, What did we get ourselves into/I’m scared/That furnace is really hot/How are we going to do anything with our right hand (She is also left handed).

Luckily, there were multiple instructors and we all got one-on-one attention. Otherwise I would not have made it out of there without third-degree burns. We made paperweights; I didn’t even care what mine looked like. I just wanted to make it through the process unscathed!

After checking out the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a video called Chihuly in the Hotshop on Netflix. It arrived a couple of days ago, so I watched it last night. Now I can TRULY appreciate what these glassblowers do. The video was taken in 2006, when Chihuly did a weeklong residency at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. He invited a bunch of gaffers (glassblowers) and artists he had worked with throughout his career to come and make pieces from the different series that they used to work on with him (Persians, Baskets, Ikebana, etc.). It is simply amazing to watch!

I don’t know if I will keep up with the glassblowing. But I may try my hand at those little blow torches.