Number 35

  I visited Boston College's art museum today. The current exhibit at the McMullen Museum of Art is Dura-Europos: Crossroads of Antiquity. Dura-Europos was an ancient city in modern-day Syria. It was settled by Macedonians before Christ, then seized by a few different groups, the last time being in 256 CE. It was totally "sacked"... Continue Reading →

Skeletons and Stars

A couple of days ago I visited the Warren Anatomical Museum. Gallery. I think it was once a it's composed of a few glass cases on a floor of the Harvard Med School library. There are 15,000 items in the collection; unfortunately, only 300 of them are on display. Some of the artifacts are... Continue Reading →

Four More to Go!

Well, D-day is a week and a half away...and I only have four things left to do. Three are planned, but I have one empty slot. Ideas? Last night I went to a puppet slam at Puppet Showplace Theatre. It was a good time. I had never been to the theater. I recommend it! Being... Continue Reading →

My Cat from Hell

Animal Planet has a new show called My Cat From Hell. This show could have been really helpful about 10 years ago. Olive has mellowed considerably in her old age. In her younger years, she was most definitely from hell. But I love my little devil child.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

When I bought a ticket to a Weezer show at an outdoor venue a few months back, I thought to myself: May 19. It will be a nice spring evening at one of my favorite concert venues (Bank of American Pavilion). Sadly, I was mistaken. As I listened to the opening act last night, looking... Continue Reading →

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