OK, I can’t take it anymore. Who else has noticed that I am completely inconsistent regarding capitalization of my blog titles? I. Need. To. Choose. One. Style. [breathes in deeply] And then I must go back and make all of the titles consistent, for the love of god! This is the life of a […]

Drug-Free Hallucination and Warm Fuzzies

  I saw the movie The Tree of Life the other day. All I knew about the film was that Brad Pitt played Sean Penn’s father in it. Imagine my surprise when I experienced a drug-free hallucination of sorts. If you see the movie, I’m sure you’ll know exactly at which moment this happened. I […]

Things That Make Me Want to Drink #73

Walking through Faneuil Hall on a Saturday afternoon. (It’s the price I pay for size 5 shoes and iris lotion.)

Self-Portrait of the Artist


  Did you know that Nicaragua has a total abortion ban? I didn’t. If a woman gets pregnant by rape or incest, or if her life is at risk, too bad. She’s having the baby. I was talking to a friend from Colombia the other day, and I asked her how people felt about abortions […]