OK, I can’t take it anymore. Who else has noticed that I am completely inconsistent regarding capitalization of my blog titles? I. Need. To. Choose. One. Style. [breathes in deeply]

And then I must go back and make all of the titles consistent, for the love of god! This is the life of a copy editor.


Drug-Free Hallucination and Warm Fuzzies


I saw the movie The Tree of Life the other day. All I knew about the film was that Brad Pitt played Sean Penn’s father in it. Imagine my surprise when I experienced a drug-free hallucination of sorts. If you see the movie, I’m sure you’ll know exactly at which moment this happened. I literally thought, where am I and what is happening?

Three or four people walked out of the theater when things got weird. The movie was beautiful and thoughtful at points, and made no sense at other points. But sometimes, art doesn’t make sense and that’s OK. It made some sort of sense to Terrence Malick, and that’s enough for me.

On to the warm fuzzies. After reading about Christian the Lion and researching his story, I learned of the movie Born Free. The actors in this 1966 movie (based on the memoir of the same name by Joy Adamson) are the ones who hooked up Christian’s owners with George Adamson, who took Christian and rehabilitated him into the wild.

The short version of the story is that George and Joy Adamson raised an orphaned lion cub named Elsa as a dear pet, until she became an adult and started exhibiting her natural wild tendencies. They were the first people to successfully rehabilitate a “domesticated” lion so that she could go back to living in the wild. It was a cute movie, endearing and heartbreaking. But with a happy ending. I cried.

And I will leave you with a photo of a little cat. I met Herbie today at the MSPCA. Herbie was found in a car engine. He has burns on his body, so has to wear a coat to prevent him from licking his burns. He also has a cold. His eyes are watery and he is sneezing like the dickens. Poor baby!! Godspeed, my friend.


Things That Make Me Want to Drink #73

Walking through Faneuil Hall on a Saturday afternoon.

(It’s the price I pay for size 5 shoes and iris lotion.)

Self-Portrait of the Artist



Did you know that Nicaragua has a total abortion ban? I didn’t. If a woman gets pregnant by rape or incest, or if her life is at risk, too bad. She’s having the baby. I was talking to a friend from Colombia the other day, and I asked her how people felt about abortions there. She said they are not really an option. People would look down on you if you had one. Frightening…

Send a butterfly of hope to the women of Nicaragua.

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