I Change by Not Changing at All

I saw Eddie Vedder perform solo a few days ago. I was 16 rows away from Eddie Vedder. It was nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen Pearl Jam before, but it’s been at big venues in which I couldn’t even see the stage. Eddie has picked up the uke and recently released an album of […]

Farmers’ Markets!

  Yay, my local farmers’ market starts up again this week. And I realized that the other market I visit in the summer has already started! Here’s a handy map of Massachusetts farmers’ markets. Here’s a national search site.


Another bookstore in Boston is closing. Borders in Downtown Crossing. That store is always mobbed with people. But alas, Borders is bankrupt and has to close more stores. I’m fantasizing about donning a ski mask and destroying large shipments of Kindles and Nooks in the dark of night. I think this would be called biblio-terrorism. […]

Things That Make Me Want to Drink* #4

  The Closing of Independent Bookstores. Bloody hell. I was still mourning the closing of the Globe Corner Bookstore in Harvard Square when the news spread that Curious George Goes to Wordsworth in Harvard Square is ALSO closing. Are you freakin’ kidding me??? I am drinking my cheap Sauvignon Blanc from the bottle, because I […]

Christian the Lion

  I was at the dentist’s office the other day, when my dental hygienist commented on my Harrods bag. She then mentioned that she always thinks about Christian the Lion when she thinks of Harrods. Who is this lion??? I asked. Apparently, Harrods used to sell exotic pets. Such as lions. Two young Australians bought […]