England 2011

  I recently returned from a week in my second homeland. Mom and I stayed in the Lake District (Windermere and Grasmere) for the first three days. We took the public bus a lot and saw a lot of sheep-dotted countryside.                   We visited Beatrix Potter's home,... Continue Reading →

Belated Wegmans Report

  I just returned from my jaunt across the pond...that's a post for another day. I wanted to submit a belated report on opening day at Wegmans Northborough: the first Wegmans in Massachusetts. Mary and I arrived around 2 pm on October 16, proud to be two of the approximately 25,000 people to peruse the... Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful World

  I'm feeling as happy as a clam at high tide. I dropped off donations at Occupy Boston last night. The vibe was cool there. They were grateful for the donations. It was all quite organized; my friend said she heard that it was more organized than Occupy Wall Street. Today, I noted the mobs... Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Occupyin’

  Wow, this Occupy movement kicks ass. I haven't visited the Occupy Boston camp yet, but I've been following news about the group. I'm hoping to stop by with some donations soon. Today I was curious to find out whether there was an Occupy London group, since I am visiting next week. Yep, the group... Continue Reading →

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