Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Any Black Friday war stories to share? Or proud purchases to share?

My proud purchase was Seasons 1–4 of Mad Men for a total of $32. Thank you, Target.

My not-so-proud purchases: welllll, it’s not that I’m not proud of them. They were all good deals. I just went a bit overboard. Target and Best Buy were selling DVDs dirt cheap. So I bought five. (In addition to Mad Men.)

I am most excited about Bridesmaids. I couldn’t persuade my brother and dad to watch it…even after reciting the quote from the male reviewer emblazoned at the top of the DVD package, “If this is only a chick flick, then call me a chick.” —Joe Morgenstern, WSJ

The three of us watched The Town instead. I haven’t screamed that much during a movie in awhile. I have a hard time with action flicks.


Upstate NY = Quintessentially American


I just learned that I grew up in a quintessentially American city. The second most quintessentially American city. At least it was in 2004. At least according to one particular market research study. And there were two other upstate NY cities in the top 5.

I learned this from the book Fame Junkies. Thanks, Jake Halpern. I’ve had the book for years and I finally got around to reading it. I bought it because I am a bit of a fame junkie myself. It was an interesting read albeit slightly disturbing at times. We have become such a celebrity-obsessed culture. And I am part of the problem, says the woman with the People subscription.

The author created a survey with a professor and gave it to students in Rochester, NY. An alarming number said they’d rather be a celebrity’s personal assistant than the president of Harvard or Yale, or the CEO of a large company such as General Motors. Scary…

Bad Things Come in Threes


1. Borders closes its doors forever, September 2011

2. R.E.M. breaks up, September 21, 2011

3. The OtherSide Café closes, December 23, 2011


I found out today that one of my favorite places in Boston is closing next month. Truth be told, I don’t go there much anymore, but I used to. When I was a young, carefree 20-something. When it was furnished with old couches and random chairs and it served the best chocolate cream pie I ever tasted and ever will taste, so help me god.

Birthday celebrations, after-work drinks, New Year’s Eve celebrations, first dates, anniversaries…if those walls could talk. So many memories in that damn place. I’ll need to go at least one more time for a chicken salad sandwich. Who’s with me?

It’s Time to Play the Music…


The new Muppet movie comes out next week. Being a huge Muppet fan, I am definitely going to see it (on opening day, actually). But after reading an article about the movie in Entertainment Weekly, I am wary. The article made it sound like the “production team” (writers, director, etc.) and the puppet team (which includes some Muppet Show veterans) didn’t always see eye to eye. Frank Oz decided not to be involved because he wasn’t cool with the script.

Ohhhh, shit. Disney owns the Muppets, after all. But Jim’s daughter, Lisa, gave the thumbs up, so the movie can’t be that bad.

I had fun recording Mahna-Mahna on the Muppets site; check it out.

And on a related note, the documentary Being Elmo is out in theaters. It brought people I know to tears. If you like the Muppets, Elmo, puppets, or are in the mood for a feel-good doc, see if it’s playing near you. Mahna-mahna.