Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Any Black Friday war stories to share? Or proud purchases to share? My proud purchase was Seasons 1–4 of Mad Men for a total of $32. Thank you, Target. My not-so-proud purchases: welllll, it’s not that I’m not proud of them. They were all good deals. I just […]

Small Business Saturday

  If you’re going to work on your holiday shopping this weekend, think about supporting a local store on Saturday. Best of luck to any of you venturing out on Black Friday! How/when/why did stores start opening at midnight on Friday morning?? I think it started years ago, but I still don’t get it.

Upstate NY = Quintessentially American

  I just learned that I grew up in a quintessentially American city. The second most quintessentially American city. At least it was in 2004. At least according to one particular market research study. And there were two other upstate NY cities in the top 5. I learned this from the book Fame Junkies. Thanks, […]

Bad Things Come in Threes

  1. Borders closes its doors forever, September 2011 2. R.E.M. breaks up, September 21, 2011 3. The OtherSide Café closes, December 23, 2011   I found out today that one of my favorite places in Boston is closing next month. Truth be told, I don’t go there much anymore, but I used to. When […]

It’s Time to Play the Music…

  The new Muppet movie comes out next week. Being a huge Muppet fan, I am definitely going to see it (on opening day, actually). But after reading an article about the movie in Entertainment Weekly, I am wary. The article made it sound like the “production team” (writers, director, etc.) and the puppet team […]