Books and Travel…

  I just found out about an awesome event happening on April 23, 2012: World Book Night. Volunteers across the country will pick up 2o free copies of a book and give them out to “non or light readers.” It started in the UK last year and was such a success that it has come […]

Passport to Fitness

  I am partaking in a great program offered by my town. For $10, I can try out 10 classes at different fitness establishments around town. This is big for me, because I am not an exercising person. I am going to try all kinds of new things, which can go on the birthday list […]

The First Big Snowfall

With the first big snowfall of the season came my first cold of the season. Whenever I get a cold, I am amazed at how much I take breathing through my nose for granted. God, how I miss breathing through my nose. It’s times like these when I wish that I could send my cat […]


  I just finished a book called Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knowing the book was written by Chip and Dan Heath, I figured I’d enjoy it and learn something. I read their first book, Made to Stick, for a marketing class. Change is […]

Olive, Meet Olive

  Like I need another reason to love the Brits. Twinings tea, Newcastle, Bass, Prince William, and: the producer of the most adorable stuffed animals ever created. Adorable really doesn’t even explain it. The company’s website uses adjectives such as sophisticated, hip, and humorous to explain its creations. Who would think that a stuffed animal […]