Forks Over Knives

  After watching Food, Inc. and King Corn (last year? can't remember when), I wanted to become a vegetarian. I did begin eating less meat, but I still eat the occasional chicken sandwich or hamburger. I just watched Forks over Knives. OK, now I really want to become a full-fledged vegetarian. This documentary features the... Continue Reading →

Uggie Almost Made Me Cry

  And yes, Jean Dujardin almost made me cry, too. I finally got around to seeing The Artist. If you ask me, it definitely deserves its 10 Oscar nominations. If the film wasn't warming my heart, it was breaking it. I am still in awe of what I experienced. The acting, the writing, the Continue Reading →

Brighton Music Hall

  You know you're getting old when: 1. You go to a small club to see a show and are overjoyed to see stools (because it means you won't have to stand for three hours). 2. Your ears feel like they are bleeding from the volume of aforementioned show and you swear to yourself that... Continue Reading →

On a Roll

  I have been on fire this week re: the birthday list. I did a shot of fernet-branca on Tuesday. It tasted like Listerine with a bunch of herbs thrown in. There's something about it, though. I might have to try it in a cocktail sometime. I went to Scullers Jazz Club on Wednesday. My... Continue Reading →

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