Happy Arbor Day

  Happy Arbor Day! I just bought five trees for a forest in Brazil. In other environmental news: If you live in one of the country's big cities, check and see if your city is planning any events for National Urban Biodiversity Week.  

Sci-fi Drum Circle

  I attended a percussion ensemble concert at the Boston Conservatory the other night. It was my first time on campus and my first percussion concert. I like percussion instruments. Not sure why. Probably because they are quirky. And kind of dramatic in nature (think cymbals). The students played all different types of drums and... Continue Reading →

Rock Star Weekend

  Thanks to Abby for helping me check off two birthday list items in the past two days. One was planned and one was not. Chronologically, we'll start with the unplanned one. We saw Guster on Friday night. We knew we were going to be on the guest list, but imagine our surprise when the... Continue Reading →

Boston from the 26th Floor

  I checked out the Marriott Custom House's observation deck over the weekend. It was sweet! The public is escorted to the 26th floor once daily. The observation deck is great...there are tables and chairs so you can relax and take in the view. Plus there is a soundtrack: jazz is piped into the deck... Continue Reading →

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