Boston Happenings


Here are some things going on in Boston…

Boston Beer Week starts today. Celebrate the Boston beer scene if you are so inclined.

Mark your calendars for Circle the City. It’s an inaugural program whose aim is to encourage city residents to get outside and enjoy some of Boston’s great parks.

I am anxiously awaiting the opening of my local farmers’ market. Many have already opened! Search for a market near you here.



Back from the Caribbean…


Thanks to Tracy for introducing me to Henrietta’s Table. Breakfast was quite a treat. I ate the most delicious hash browns that I have ever tasted.

I’m happy to report that I don’t look orange. I look like I’ve returned from a week’s vacation in the Caribbean. Well, I did for about 17 hours anyway. When I showered this morning, I became a few shades lighter. I still look pretty tan, though. I would get a spray tan again…if another groupon appeared and I had a special event scheduled. I am a sun worshipper (I know…not good) and usually become naturally tan in the summertime anyway. Thank you, Italian side of my family.

The eighth annual birthday list is almost fini. It always finishes on May 30 or May 31, when I steal away to a new town or city for a couple of days. I think I’ll have enough frequent flyer miles for a free flight next year. It takes me about three years to accumulate enough miles for a flight. A birthday trip to the Pacific Northwest may be in my future…

And on an unrelated note, if you haven’t watched Season 2 of Masterpiece’s Sherlock, DO IT. NOW. I am intrigued by the other Sherlock series starting in the fall because I happen to love Jonny Lee Miller. However, I don’t know if a female Watson is going to fly. And I’d much rather have Sherlock be in London vs. NYC. But we’ll see how it goes.

T Minus One Week


One week until D-Day. Next week at this time, I’ll be in Nantucket, relaxing on a beach if the weather gods are kind.

Tomorrow I am doing my last few birthday items. The mystery item is now a birthday breakfast at Henrietta’s Table. I’ve always wanted to go there, mainly because I grew up in Henrietta, New York. And I’ve heard the food is pretty good, too.

Funnily enough, I just learned the story behind the naming of Henrietta, New York, last weekend. A rich man in Bath, England, bought a million acres of land in western New York after the Revolutionary War. The town of Henrietta was named after his daughter.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will get an airbrush tan for the first time. Have no idea what to expect. Although I won’t be surprised if I end up looking orange.

Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day weekend. I am lucky in that I don’t personally know any fallen soldiers. But I will be thinking of the people who are not as lucky on Monday.

My Kind of Town


My kind of town displays thoughtful quotes on its doors and trash cans.

















East Aurora, New York, is my kind of town. My mom and I had a lovely visit last weekend. Unfortunately, some of the local museums were not open yet, but we kept ourselves busy with eating and shopping.

We headed back to Rochester so I could see the rest of the fam. And you will not be surprised to learn that I had a “moment” at Wegmans. I saw CHINESE MARBLE cookies in the bakery department. I lived for these cookies growing up. Wegmans had a free cookie club for kids, and I always picked a Chinese marble cookie. They disappeared at some point…and now they are back. I wonder how long they have been back. I spotted them in the “gourmet” cookie section, which I never really paid attention to before. They could have been there for years.

!?!?!?!? Reunited at long last.











Lastly, I love this photo that I took of my brother on his Harley. I am beaming with pride that he has a tattoo!

One Item to Go

May 21…one mystery item to go.

1.            Attend an NFL game: January 1

2.            Read Old Farmer’s Almanac: January 7

3.            Watch Double Indemnity: January 8

4.            Go to Lord Hobo: January 20

5.            Watch High Noon: February 2

6.            Meet Andrew McCarthy: February 11

7.            Drink fernet-branca: February 14

8.            See a show at Sculler’s: February 15

9.            Tour Mass. State House: February 17

10.          Watch Doctor Zhivago: February 17

11.           See a show at Brighton Music Hall: February 18

12.          Go to Modern Pastry: February 21

13.           Buy Coltrane CD: February 22

14.           Read 42nd Parallel: February 25

15.           Take a tai chi class: March 1

16.           Watch Bringing Up Baby: March 1

17.           Watch Taxi Driver: March 9

18.           Make flavored popcorn: March 14

19.           Take a yoga class: March 18

20.           Read 1919: March 19

21.           Visit Peabody Museum: March 25

22.           Have dinner at Locke-Ober: March 27

23.           Go to the NE Mobile Book Fair: April 7

24.           See nasturtiums at Gardner: April 12

25.           Take a pottery class: April 13

26.           Visit Custom House observation deck: April 15

27.           Go backstage at a concert: April 20

28.           Jack’s Abby Brewery Tour: April 21

29.           Concert at Boston Conservatory: April 24

30.           Try Thai iced tea: April 27

31.           Read Big Money: May 2

32.           Visit the Rose Art Museum: May 5

33.           Attend a steampunk festival: May 12

34.           Visit East Aurora, New York: May 18

35.           ???

36.           Try airbrush tanning: May 26

37.           Visit Nantucket: May 31