The Interrupters

  I watched a documentary last night called The Interrupters. It follows a few members of a violence prevention organization in Chicago. What makes this organization, Ceasefire, special is that most, if not all (?) members are former gang members/drug dealers/street people. They have had the fortitude and drive to turn their lives around, and... Continue Reading →

Peddocks Island

  I volunteered on one of the Boston Harbor Islands today. I was excited to be going to Peddocks because I hadn't been to that island before. Peddocks is interesting because there is a fort and a lot of historical buildings dating to the early 20th century. Some people also live on the island; they... Continue Reading →

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

  Another day, another rant! I saw Pink Ribbons, Inc. the other night. It's a documentary about breast cancer and its "cause marketing" explosion. See this movie if you want to get freaked out and pissed off. The main points I took away from it are: Corporations that jump on the bandwagon and make special... Continue Reading →

Reason to Be Childfree #4

  I am childfree for quite a few reasons. One of them revolves around the fact that I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Yes, that may be an extreme view, and I am half joking when I say that. But I really don't like where things are going with the... Continue Reading →

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