Happy Birthday, Wills

  Happy Birthday, Prince William! Welcome to your 30s. Love, one of your many fans

It’s Raining Kittens

  This just in: Kitten explosion at the MSPCA! I was away for two weeks and I returned today to find 10+ kittens looking for homes.                       And of course there are always a lot of wonderful adult cats waiting for new homes. Next weekend, […]

Typing with One Hand Is Time Consuming

  I probably just negated a week’s worth of healing by trying to open a new bottle of mouthwash. Owwwww. Don’t sprain your wrist if you can help it. Here’s another photo essay of my trip to visit friends in Richmond. We toured Monticello and it was beautiful and so well preserved.       […]

One Hand Nancy

  Wrist still sprained. Sigh. Weather has been crappy all week. Sigh. I think sunnier days are ahead though. Post-birthday list, my life is returning to “normal”…whatever that means. Well, at the very least it means that I watch more movies. I saw two movies this week. I saw Moonrise Kingdom in the theater. I […]

ACK Photos

  Wrist still sprained. So instead of writing about Nantucket, I will tell you about it through photos.