Fall TV

  The only new TV show that has piqued my interest is Elementary. Mainly because I am obsessed with Jonny Lee Miller. I won't be tempted to compare it to the recent Masterpiece version, because the characters' backstories and the setting are completely different. I wonder how well it will work being set in New... Continue Reading →

National Punctuation Day

  It's National Punctuation Day! What is your favorite mark? Mine is the dash. It is much maligned, and I always root for the underdog. The dash...it's not a hyphen. Two hyphens doth not a dash make. ——————–— – – – – – – – –   I'm coming off a 48-hour involuntary Internet fast.... Continue Reading →

Park(ing) Day

  It's International Park(ing) Day. I saw three parks on my way to work this morning. Check the map on the website and see if there are any parks near you!

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