Rock You Like a Hurricane

  Earlier today, I went to the gym because it's only a 5-minute walk from my apartment. It was quite windy, and luckily I didn't need an umbrella. It was a different story on the way home, though. The rain had picked up, so my umbrella and I fought against the high winds and pelting... Continue Reading →

Random Penguin

  So Random House and Penguin have announced that they're merging. As someone who was laid off TWICE (from two different jobs) from a book publisher in the throes of acquisitions and mergers, I feel sad. Not mad, exactly...I mean, if they need to merge in order to stay afloat, I'd rather have them merge... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Is Power

  Through Boston Cares, I've been volunteering at the Prison Book Program for the past year or two. Because education and reading are so important to me, I find it very meaningful to do something to help a prisoner trying to educate him- or herself. Yesterday was the Boston Book Festival, and I volunteered during... Continue Reading →

Need Ideas for the Weekend?

  If you live in Boston and like books, you should attend the Boston Book Festival. If you live in Boston and like vegetarian food, you should attend the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

Election Day

  November 6 is coming up...I am going to be a nervous wreck that day. The last presidential debate is on Monday; maybe I will force myself to watch part of it. I found this presidential bingo game on Amnesty International's site...a fun idea! If you care about the environment like I do, you may... Continue Reading →

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