Links to the Present and Past


One of my neighbors moved out of state last week and gave me her mini dishwasher. She fondly called it her “link to modern living.” I haven’t lived in a home with a dishwasher in at least 13 years. I am thrilled but also a tad frightened that I will inadvertently flood my kitchen. I have to hook it up to my kitchen faucet somehow. Pray for me.

I picked up another link to modern living at CVS the other day: teeth whitening strips. I am a little scared of this as well. And a bit skeptical. Does everyone use these? Do they work? I’ll report back on the experiment.

And in “link to the past” news, I received my DNA results. I’m 82% Central European?! When I received this news, you could have pushed me over with a feather. Well, all of my Great Britain ancestors must have migrated from Central Europe. And remember how I prided myself on being 25% Italian? Well. Turns out I’m only 11% “Southern European” (Italy, Spain, and Portugal). And 7% of my ethnicity is uncertain.

Using my DNA sample, matched me up with other site members who could be my 4th to 8th cousins. I can’t even begin to comprehend that. OK, I just looked it up. My 4th cousin and I share great-great-great grandparents. Uh….I’ll need to map that out.



Intimate Encounters


It’s a good week when you have intimate encounters with one of your favorite authors and one of your favorite bands.

Some friends and I saw David Sedaris read from his work in progress a few days ago. If I were granted three wishes, one of them would be the status of David Sedaris’s BFF. He’s a comic genius.


I was serious; it was intimate.
I was serious; it was intimate.














Last night, some friends and I saw Guster perform at the Portsmouth Music Hall. It was my first time at that venue, so on the birthday list it goes. It is a great venue. It’s recently been renovated so looks beautiful. The acoustics are good…and the size is intimate. Things got even more intimate when half of Guster serenaded the audience member two seats away from me.

I’ll be seeing David again in April. And Ryan from Guster mumbled something about a summer tour. Til then, boys…



A Day On, Not Off 2013


Are you planning to volunteer on Monday as part of the MLK Day of Service? If you don’t have plans yet, find an opportunity here.

I’ll be volunteering at a special Boston Children’s Chorus concert.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” MLK, Jr.

Nail Art, Etc.


I decided to try some nail art in the name of the birthday list. It’s kind of cool.


nail art










Next time I might just do one nail on each hand? I started out doing every other finger but that looked odd. The pack came with three different styles of stickers, so there will be more experimenting ahead.

In genealogy news: Last night, I found a copy of my great-great-great grandfather’s Civil War draft record on I was not expecting that AT ALL. I still haven’t found anything regarding my mother’s Italian grandparents entrance in to the United States. I am starting to wonder if they snuck in somehow! The search continues…

In film news: I am feeling starstruck after watching Biutiful. Javier Bardem….so…mesmerizing. I am still haunted by the film days later. I still haven’t seen No Country for Old Men. But I enjoyed Javier’s performances in The Sea Inside and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I can’t say I enjoyed his performance in Skyfall…he creeped me the hell out. I also want to watch everything Biutiful director and writer Alejandro González Iñárritu has done.

And for those of you who watched Downton Abbey last night, one word: EDITH!

Until later…


State of Love and Trust


I was at the adoption center this morning, and spent time with a couple of cats who got me thinking about the concepts of love and trust. Most cats enjoy being petted and lovingly scratched. But there are some who LOVE being petted and return the affection with such fervor and abandon.

As I was petting two cats who LOVE being petted, I was struck by how trusting they were. We had never laid eyes on each other before, yet they were so happy and thankful that I was showing them some affection. They would have let me pet them for hours.

And that made me think of my cat, Olive. She’s been with me for 12 years and she doesn’t trust me. She isn’t capable for whatever reason. I know she loves me. Every night she sidles up to me and purrs away as I fall asleep. She does let me pet her for a few minutes at a time, which she didn’t allow when she was younger. So there has been improvement. My theory is she was either separated from her parents too early or she was abused. I wish I knew what happened to her. [My brother found her in a grocery store parking lot.]

Olive reminds me that you can love people but not trust them. You can love a parent or a sibling or a significant other, but not trust him or her…because of abuse or lying or cheating. I think both people and animals start out as trusting creatures. Some hold on to that trust because they have no reason not to mistrust. Others have their trust shattered in some way and they are never the same.

All of this contemplation brought to mind the great Pearl Jam song “State of Love and Trust.” Which then reminded me of the movie Singles. Which then reminded me that I am old. How can this movie be 20 years old???