I took a pearl knotting class earlier in the week. It's a labor-intensive process, but it's worth it if you are making jewelry with expensive or sentimental beads. Knotting between each bead keeps them from rubbing against each other, and if the bracelet or necklace breaks, you won't lose the beads. This is my... Continue Reading →

Lone Star State

  I am almost halfway done with my birthday list. I seem to be dragging my feet this year. I did two things over the weekend: ate at Sandrine's Bistro and watched A Clockwork Orange. Sandrine's Bistro was delightful. My friend and I chose the Restaurant Week menu so had three courses. I had the... Continue Reading →

Earth Hour 2013

  Earth Hour is tonight and I encourage everyone to participate! Turn off all of your lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, light some candles, and talk or read or just be. Think about the environment and how you can conserve energy and water. These resources are not in infinite supply!

Back in the Saddle

  Wow, I've been gone awhile. I've been busy doing who knows what. I also went to Freeport, Maine, for a weekend and subsequently got a cold and hacking cough. The food alone was worth it, though.                                    ... Continue Reading →

Fish Heads

  I never thought I would see the day that I would eat fish eggs. But strange things happen when you have a birthday list to complete. Over the weekend, a local seafood restaurant was offering a special Icelandic menu during an annual Iceland festival. My friend asked me to go, and when I saw... Continue Reading →

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