Lessons Learned

  I've been out of commission for two months now. It has felt like eternity at times. But finally, the big "pause" button on my life is lifting. I would say I'm at 70–80% capacity. I'll know when I'm at 100% when I can drink again, attend concerts again, talk with friends for hours again...when... Continue Reading →

The Scent of Lilacs

  On the way home from a doctor's appointment the other day, I walked through the Arnold Arboretum. My path took me through the lilac collection. The lilacs were still in bloom and were beautiful. I stopped at random bushes to inhale the scent. The scent of lilacs means "home" to me. There were lilac... Continue Reading →

Deadline Extension

My birthday is less than a month away...and I am still not fully recovered. So I will be giving myself a healthy deadline extension for the birthday list. End of the summer? I think I have about 20 things left to do. The big lesson I've learned in the past five weeks or so is:... Continue Reading →

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