The Wild West and the 1980s

  I’ve closed out the ninth annual birthday list with a film about the Wild West and a meal at an ’80s-themed diner. The other night I watched Stagecoach (#63 in AFI’s Top 100 Movie List). I became cast under the spell of a fella named John Wayne. Where has he been all my life? […]

A Day at the Beach

  I took a weekday off last week to accomplish #36 on the birthday list: try out a new beach. I decided to try Winthrop Beach in nearby Winthrop. I somehow ended up at an entirely different beach in East Boston. This chain of events reminded me that travelers must be open to the unexpected—even […]

I’m Walking Because I’m Pissed

  I’ve done a few walks before. A few years ago, I participated in a walk on World Water Day, to raise awareness about the fact that hundreds of millions of people don’t have access to clean water. And for the past few years, I’ve participated in a walk for animals, raising funds for the […]

Final Stretch

  35 down, 3 to go. I’m in the final stretch of the birthday list. This past week, I accomplished two things. 1. I went to the Cantab Lounge. This excursion ended up being a triple whammy. I was going to the Cantab to see a poetry slam competition. AND, I ended up being a […]

One of My Favorite Holidays

  Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays!! Yes, folks, it’s International Left-Handers Day! It’s a happy day for 15% of the world’s population. Here’s a cool infographic. I’m boggled by the fact that I am left-handed, seeing as males are twice as likely to be left-handed and two right-handed parents only have a 2% […]