Divorced Dads

Math is not my strong suit, but I would guess that at least 40% of the men in my online dating pool are divorced dads (and another 40% want children...). Once in a while, I hear the distant echo of friends and family saying "Be more open-minded about dating men with children." So I half-heartedly... Continue Reading →

15 States

  I recently traveled to the Northwest for the first time, for a friend's wedding in Idaho. Curious about how many states I've been to vs. number of countries, I made a list. Idaho is the 15th state I've been to; I've been to 12 countries. I have some work to do in the States!... Continue Reading →

Cosmetics That Kill

  Well, maybe that's melodramatic of me to say. But cosmetics might be killing us softly, on top of pesticides, toxic cleaning products, hormones in our meat, etc., etc. Environmental Working Group has some handy guides to help us avoid the most toxic sh*t out there. When I checked the cosmetics database, I found that... Continue Reading →


  I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't know anyone affected by the 9/11 tragedy. It's hard to believe that it was 12 years ago. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't know anyone affected by the Marathon bombings. It's hard to believe that it was almost five months ago. People whose lives... Continue Reading →

No-Vacation Nation

  Did you know that the United States is the only developed country that doesn't legally mandate that workers receive paid time off? Whenever I'm reminded of this, I want to go picket outside the White House or call up politicians and rant and rave.┬áThe United States doesn't even mandate that employers provide paid holidays!!... Continue Reading →

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