Russian Roulette

  I watched The Deer Hunter the other day. It's on AFI's top 100 movies list. The first part of the movie takes place in the hometown of a few young men who are about to go off to 'Nam. I felt immediately invested because the setting is a working-class town in western Pennsylvania. And... Continue Reading →

Larz Anderson Auto Museum

I knocked two more things off the birthday list last weekend, when Daisy was visiting. We went to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and I tried okra for the first time. I've been thinking about visiting the Larz Anderson Auto Museum for years, but hadn't gotten there. I had been to the grounds surrounding the... Continue Reading →

MLK Jr. Day of Service

  The MLK Jr. Day of Service is next Monday, on his birthday. Visit this site, plug in your zip code under "Find a Project," and find a service opportunity near you. Volunteering on Monday will make a difference to people in your community and you will feel great in the process. It's a win-win... Continue Reading →


  I watched Shane the other night (#45 in AFI's top 100 movies list). It's a western from 1953, and it features a lot of beautiful scenery and a lot of fightin'. The main conflict is between "homesteaders" who've built homes on the open prairie and greedy cattle owners who want all of the land... Continue Reading →

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