High School Daze

  I've been visiting my high school years via memory lane this month, due to two recent and random events. 1. I went to a DIY framing shop to frame some posters a few weeks ago—one of which I had been holding onto for 20 years. I was a member of my high school chorus,... Continue Reading →

My First Juice Cleanse

  My birthday list has become more interesting and cost-effective since the arrival of Groupon and Living Social. I did a three–day juice cleanse last weekend, courtesy of Living Social. Juice cleanses are expensive; I paid $99 for a three–day cleanse. I didn't read much about the cleanse before I started it. So I was... Continue Reading →

Framing, Grooving, Cringing

  This girl was on fire the other day. I banged out three birthday list items: Framing Every year I like to try a new crafty thing or two. When I saw a Living Social deal for DIY picture framing a couple of months ago, I thought BINGO. And the place happens to be a... Continue Reading →

Birthday List: London Edition

In the nine years I've been completing a birthday list, I don't think I've ever visited England during the birthday list season of January–May. UNTIL THIS YEAR. This is a fast and easy—albeit incredibly expensive—way to knock off multiple items in six days. Is this cheating? I decided that it is definitely not cheating. This... Continue Reading →


  I tried two experiments recently. One was a kitchen experiment. I made soft pretzels. They tasted fine, but left a lot to be desired in the looks department. The recipe is very simple: water, yeast, flour, sugar, salt. A lack of counter space was the crux of the problem: the recipe called for me... Continue Reading →

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