Kickstarter, Henna, and the Roman Empire

  I need to kick my addiction to Kickstarter. There are just so many good ideas waiting to come to fruition...I just chipped in for three projects so now I want you to as well: Reading Rainbow OK, this one doesn't technically need any additional help. But don't you want to ensure that Reading Rainbow... Continue Reading →

Love the Age You Are

  The birthday list really does what I want it to do (= distract me). I wasn't even brooding about my birthday until I started receiving birthday greetings in the mail last week from stores that I shop at. Oprah magazine came through with a perfectly timed issue called "Age Brilliantly." I read this article... Continue Reading →

Being a Tourist at Home Continued

  I spent last weekend being a tourist at home again! Walking the entire route of Southwest Corridor Park is #35 on the birthday list. I've walked along parts of the 4.7-mile-long route in the past, so I decided it was time to walk the entire length of it. I love the story of this... Continue Reading →

Being a Tourist at Home

  I looove being a tourist at home. I've visited a lot of historic sites and museums over the past 10 years of birthday lists, but the beauty of living in a city is that there are always more places to visit. Last weekend, I toured Old North Church and the Boston Tea Party Ships... Continue Reading →

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