Celebs on Being Child -Free/-Less

A friend sent me this article consisting of recent quotes by famous women about their child -free/-less status. I'm printing this one out. Thanks for giving a voice to the women taking the road less diapered, ladies!  

Broke Through My First Brick Wall

I broke through my first brick wall recently! A metaphorical, genealogical brick wall, that is. I can't even describe the surprise, relief, and elation I felt ALL AT ONCE. It's a once-in-a-lifetime feeling. My family tree has pretty long branches—some going back to the 1600s even. Except for one lonely, stubby branch. This branch has... Continue Reading →

A New Acronym

  I am now an ABR, thanks to this little peanut:                   ABR stands for "Auntie by Relation," according to the author of this book:                   Time to crack open this book and work on my savviness. Do any... Continue Reading →

The Way Life Should Be

I went to Bar Harbor, Maine, for the second time a few weeks ago. It made such an impression on me seven years ago that when I returned, I felt as if no time had passed. I went to my favorite shops, which were all still there. I went to the movie theater that serves... Continue Reading →

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