Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindful Meditation…

  I am the type of person who spends a good chunk of her time anywhere but in the present. I brood about the past and angst over my future. Is angst a verb? It is when it pertains to me, anyway. I rely on my volunteering and my arts patronage to transport me into […]

Baby Animals and Lion Hugs

It’s raining baby animals at the animal shelter where I volunteer and I can’t stand it! I’ll start with the most exciting baby animal:                   Yep, a baby guinea pig. Apparently called a pup. My brother and I had a guinea pig named Patches when we were […]

Girls’ Night Out: South End Edition

Last week, I checked off the seventh and eighth letters of my Alphabet Bar List, M and W. It was an especially fun night because I had five lovely ladies join me. I can’t remember the last time I went out with more than a couple of friends at the same time. It made me […]

One of My Life’s Little Mysteries Solved

When I was studying abroad in England, I bought a pair of ankle boots while shopping with a friend one day. They were black with no heel. They had elastic on the side and cute tabs in the back that you could use to pull them on and off. I wore them out. It was […]

Stop and Look at the Roses

The weather is dreary and gloomy, and I’m turning 40 in exactly eight months. Time to stop and look at the roses to cheer myself up. I volunteer at the Kelleher Rose Garden a few times each summer. Because it’s surrounded by tall hedges, it reminds me of one of my favorite children’s novels, The […]