In Case of Fire

I’ve logged my first random birthday list item for the year: touring a fire station. I always have a number of “randos” on my list = opportunities that randomly present themselves. I love the randos. This opportunity arose through an organization I volunteer with. On Saturday morning, about 10 firefighters showed our group the six […]

Fernando Friday

I’d like to introduce Fernando.                 Every Friday, he will share a favorite quote. Once he gets to know you a little better, he will sing for you. But he only knows one song… “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized […]

I Felt His Voice Take the Sword out of My Hand

OMG, first of all: So glad that Downton is back. It will be the sole reason that I look forward to Sunday night over the next few months.             Second of all:               Watched Ben-Hur the other night = # 3 on the birthday […]

Resolution and 11th Birthday List

I don’t think I’ve ever resolved a New Year’s resolution. But maybe this year will be different. I’m only making one [two-part] resolution: to be more mindful and/or to meditate more often. I need more peace and quiet and stillness in my life. I read this article today and said to myself, “Self, DO THIS.” […]