Saturday Afternoon Reading

It's a punishingly cold day in Boston. I'm on my third cup of tea. A few articles that I found interesting follow. This is a spot-on reflection of the situation in Boston. This story about divers searching the Thames for 100-year-old metal type will delight any typeface/design nerd. And on a sad note: The teen... Continue Reading →

Dances with Wolves

#75 on the AFI Top 100 Movie List and #11 on my birthday list is Dances with Wolves. I found it to be very deserving of its seven Oscar wins. This passion project of Kevin Costner's features great acting, an engaging plot, and stunning cinematography. I liked it so much that I'm planning to read... Continue Reading →

Fernando Friday

As New England sits and waits for the arrival of another blizzard, Fernando reminds us:     "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." —Proverb

Trashed, as in Waste

I am an avid recycler. However, after watching the documentary Trashed the other night, a sense of urgency washed over me and I realized that I need to step up my game. I have recycling down, so it's time to focus on zero waste—that is, how can I prevent the creation of waste at the... Continue Reading →

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