RIP, Sweet Jonathan

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock under another rock, because I learned of actor Jonathan Crombie‘s passing a week after it occurred. How did I miss this tragic news?? I found out a few days ago as I was reading Entertainment Weekly. He died from a brain hemorrhage at age 48. I haven’t watched […]

V Is for Vee Vee

I’m winding up the A–Z bar list. I had brunch at Vee Vee the other day, and it was fantastic!                   I opted for a grapefruit mimosa instead of a beer at 11:00 am. The veggie frittata and homemade biscuit were scrumptious.           […]

Ayer Mansion and Gallery 360

Phew! I just hopped off the hamster wheel that is my life to do a quick check-in. Last weekend, I visited the Ayer Mansion. Its claim to fame is that it’s the sole surviving residence that was originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.                 Yes, famed stained glass […]

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

That’s my takeaway from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night (#28 on Modern Library’s Top 100 Novels List) and Wuthering Heights (#73 on AFI’s Top 100 Movies List). Tender Is the Night focuses on a husband and wife who seems like a dazzling duo at the outset. They’re wealthy, flit between European countries, and […]

Finding a Long-Lost Relative* by Way of a Hamster

Backstory I worked in a Wegmans bakery department throughout high school and college. One day, a coworker proclaimed that I laughed like a hamster. And a nickname was born. I don’t remember the details, but my coworkers gifted me with an actual hamster after I had given notice. I couldn’t care for the hamster for […]