Birthday Fun

Two friends celebrated birthdays recently and helped me check off two birthday list items: 1. Make a terrarium Have you heard of Plant Nite? How about Paint Nite? It's the same idea...have a few drinks and some food and make something to take home with you. I like plants and gardening, although I only have... Continue Reading →

Be #StigmaFree

[Getting on my soapbox] I consider myself very lucky because I have never lost a family member or a close friend to a tragic circumstance such as an accident, crime, or suicide. So lucky. But in the past two weeks, two acquaintances have died by such tragic circumstances. My mind reels and my heart aches.... Continue Reading →

The Tide Is High

The birthday list has given me a good excuse to add to my music collection. Each year I've bought a CD of an artist that I don't have in my current collection. I've added some jazz artists and international artists to my collection (Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk, Edith Piaf, Feli Kuti), and I decided that... Continue Reading →


I watched the movie Patton the other night ( #89 on the AFI's top 100 movie list). War movies are not my thing, but I have enjoyed the ones I've watched from the top 100 movie list. They've all featured stellar acting, direction, cinematography...and how can one not be amazed at the re-creation of huge... Continue Reading →

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