Drum Lesson

My friend Daisy came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Before she arrived, she searched for goings-on for Saturday night and discovered that a taiko drumming workshop was being offered in my neighborhood. She asked if I was interested. But of course! This beginner's workshop was being taught by a mother and daughter who... Continue Reading →

New Foods and an Aborted Mission

I tried a couple of new foods recently at restaurants that were new to me as well. But it seems like cheating to count them as four separate items...am I being too strict? 😛 Allen and I went to the Watertown Diner for brunch a couple of weeks ago. There was a cornucopia of international... Continue Reading →

She Has Moxie

I live near an awesome movie theater. It's so awesome that living legends such as Meryl Streep have paid it a visit to accept its annual award. None other than Jane Fonda was this year's award recipient. My friend and I were in attendance a couple of weeks ago when she introduced a screening of... Continue Reading →

It Got Hot in There

I tried an infrared sauna the other day. This is my kind of sauna! I was a lot more comfortable than I usually am in a traditional sauna; I learned afterward that it was because an infrared sauna is set at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna. The benefit of an infrared sauna is... Continue Reading →

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady won eight Oscars in 1964 and placed #91 on the AFI's top 100 film list. I wanted to love it because I enjoy musicals and I like Audrey Hepburn. But I didn't love it. Although the acting was first rate, I found Eliza Doolittle's (Audrey Hepburn) Cockney accent offensive. I physically cringed... Continue Reading →

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