Art and Science

I told Deb that "we were in for a weird day." She had agreed to join me at a performance art event followed by a "sensorial experience." Artist Oliver Herring was invited to the college campus where I work to put on his performance art event called "Areas for Action." He spent five days on... Continue Reading →

The Art of the Donut

I love donuts in theory but not necessarily in practice. I don't really eat them that often. I'm more of a bagel or egg sandwich person. I grew up on Wegmans donuts, and my favorite will forever be the white cream donut. Not Boston cream/creme/kreme. Not custard cream. White cream. Aka white frosting.    ... Continue Reading →

The Wild Bunch

I don't think I grasped the true meaning of the phrase "Wild West" until I saw the film The Wild Bunch a few weeks ago. This film holds the 80th place on AFI's top 100 list. AFI also deemed it the sixth-best Western of all time. When a slew of innocent bystanders were riddled with... Continue Reading →

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