Need a Vacation

I've often wondered which lucky employees at nail polish companies get to name the colors. Essie's are always fun: Need a Vacation Chinchilly Power Clutch Bikini So Teeny And OPI: Aphrodite's Pink Nightie Amazon...Amazoff Desperately Seeking Sequins I Eat Mainely Lobster Nail polish is one of the few beauty products I use on a somewhat... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

My heart is heavy...three tragedies this week. I am in a state of disbelief. How do we fix this? I'm not sure, but what I am sure of is that white people need to step up and help change the future. I've heard a few times over the past few days that "this [police brutality]... Continue Reading →

Past-Life Regression

                Past lives—what do you think about it? Are they real? I'd never given it much thought until my mother, one of the most logical, "black and white" people I know, had a few "visions" in England. I witnessed her experiencing one as we toured Wordsworth's Dove Cottage... Continue Reading →

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