What Would Charlie Do?

I'm officially done with the AFI's Top 100 film list! I didn't watch the films in order, and I couldn't have planned a better final viewing: Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times.                 I've watched a few of his other films, and this one is my favorite (so far). As... Continue Reading →


I'm very grateful for Groupon, LivingSocial, and Gilt City, because they have helped me with the birthday list over the years. They bring to my attention restaurants that I haven't been to, attractions that I've never visited, body care procedures that I've never heard of... Such as eyebrow tinting. Am I the only one who'd... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of the Roadie Life

One of my favorite pastimes is seeing live music. I've often wondered what life would be like as a roadie. Different towns every night, sometimes the same songs played every night. Well, I had a glimpse of the roadie life last month, when I saw Guster play four nights in a row. I've never been... Continue Reading →

Brunch and Learn

I've lived in Boston for almost two decades now. Over the years, I've seen the Paramount in Beacon Hill on various lists of hot brunch spots. Every time I've seen it on a list, I've thought, "I should check it out." Well, I've checked it out. My friend Mary and I went on a weekday... Continue Reading →

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