Netflix Party

The birthday list is slow-going between the global pandemic and other stressors. With less than a week to go before my birthday, I've finished about half the list. Since the pandemic began, my birthday list experiences have basically been whittled down to either attending virtual events or visiting new outdoor spots. I hosted (and attended)... Continue Reading →

Discovering a Local Pond

Like many people, I have spent a sizable chunk of my adult life thinking about, making plans for, and anticipating my next vacation. And then fully reveling in that vacation. At the moment, the health of my family and friends, neighbors, and strangers (and, of course, my own) is at the forefront of my mind... Continue Reading →

A Step Up from Superpretzels

Backstory: I grew up microwaving Superpretzel soft pretzels for a snack. I haven't eaten them much as an adult, but once in a while I will get a hankering and bring some home. And if I need a little something at a concert or sporting event, I will often buy a soft pretzel. So, the... Continue Reading →

Charcoal Toiletry Adventures Continue…

I've decided to try as many charcoal toiletry products as I can find. I've tried toothpaste and soap, and now I can say that I've tried shampoo and conditioner. I found an Herbal Essences version at CVS. I was surprised that the shampoo and conditioner are not black, like the toothpaste and soap were. They... Continue Reading →

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