Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…

  Mary and I visited our friend Carrie in New York City last weekend. I also saw two college friends who live in the area. They were all game for visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island so I could geek out in my genealogical way and check off two birthday list items. Being... Continue Reading →

Marathon Monday

  I've lived in Boston for almost 15 years now. I love it, in the complicated way that you love something or someone that irritates the hell out of you sometimes. Yes, there are many great things about Boston...and friendliness is not one of them. No, I wouldn't call Boston a "friendly" city. There are... Continue Reading →

Birds and Waterworks

  Last weekend I checked off two birthday list items: visiting an art exhibit with live animals and visiting a local waterworks museum. I read about the Peabody Essex Museum's exhibit From Here to Ear in the newspaper. The Peabody Essex is a great art museum in Salem. I hadn't been in a few years,... Continue Reading →


  Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. As a Bostonian, I felt a pang of guilt because I didn't realize that yesterday was the anniversary. The date of last year's marathon hadn't been seared in my brain, as it had been for tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people. On that date... Continue Reading →

London Continued

  One of the many reasons I wish I lived in London is that Londoners still read printed books and newspapers. These are MY PEOPLE. London has at least eight major newspapers. So many people read newspapers and leave them on the Tube that the Mayor of London's office posted this ad on the Tube:... Continue Reading →

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