New Arrival for Will and Kate

Congratulations to Will and Kate on the birth of their daughter! I wonder what her name will be…

According to Ladbrokes, the British betting agency, it will be Alexandra. Corgi lovers, if you haven’t seen the Barkingham Palace Gold Cup Race, here’s a link. Amazing!

In other news, today is Independent Bookstore Day. Go buy a book today…if you’re one of the lucky ones who still has a neighborhood independent bookstore. I thank my lucky stars that I live down the street from the wonderful Brookline Booksmith.

One of My Favorite Holidays


Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays!! Yes, folks, it’s International Left-Handers Day! It’s a happy day for 15% of the world’s population.

Here’s a cool infographic. I’m boggled by the fact that I am left-handed, seeing as males are twice as likely to be left-handed and two right-handed parents only have a 2% chance of having a lefty kid. Talk about beating the odds.

It’s funny to think about all of the things I’ve adapted to, and all of the things I do differently, which I don’t even consciously think about. Cutting with scissors and knives, using spiral notebooks, turning doorknobs, drinking from designed coffee mugs (the design is on the “right side”), using rulers, having ink on the side of my hand as my hand moves over wet ink while writing…

A very happy holiday to Tracy, Mary, and Amanda (have I forgotten anyone??), and my boys Prince William, Michael Stipe, and Barack Obama.

Want to learn more about left-handedness? This is a great resource for all things lefty.




Royal Genealogy MindF**k


I know I’ll be a decent genealogist when I can get the “cousins” thing figured out. I’ve had moments of clarity when I actually understood the difference between a second cousin and a first cousin once removed. But they were fleeting moments.

So let me share with you the shock I felt when I received my weekly email newsletter from NEHGS the other day.

A section of the newsletter was dedicated to Baby George’s ancestry. I learned that William and Kate are 14th cousins once removed?? And that Baby George and President Obama are 22nd cousins?? How. Can. This. Be. Dustbin Cambridge is also related to Boston’s prodigal sons Matt and Ben. AND KEVIN BACON.

Share in my shock.


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She’s Having a Baby


It was announced today that Will and Kate are expecting a baby. The world is so excited that their website is down! Poor Kate is in hospital yakking her brains out. Feel better soon, Kate.

I went to see my family over the weekend for a belated Thanksgiving. I put together my mom’s fake tree and the top was funky. I thought it looked like a Dr. Seuss tree and suggested she keep it funky. But she wanted to put her angel on top, so we fixed it.










I failed to take a photo of the finished product. My mom has a bazillion ornaments and insists on putting every last one on the tree. If you were to breathe too hard on the tree, it would probably fall over.

I am planning to get out my decorations this weekend. I’m hoping that will get me into the holiday spirit. I just can’t believe it’s December!! Cannot. Believe. It.

And here’s my occasional activist plug: December 10 is International Human Rights Day. Take an hour or two this week or weekend and Write for Rights!