A Two-Hanky Day

  I am not a crier, but I needed two hankies yesterday. Hanky #1 I found myself furiously blinking away tears while going nowhere fast on the elliptical at the gym. No, I wasn't in pain; I was watching a movie on one of the TVs. It was the last 30 minutes of a film... Continue Reading →

Sticks and Stones

I watched the documentary Bully last night. The film follows a few children and families who have been faced with bullying, including two families whose children committed suicide because of bullying. An overarching theme of the film was that school administrators are no help. This is highly disturbing. Yes, it's true that "kids will be... Continue Reading →

A Day at the Beach

  I took a weekday off last week to accomplish #36 on the birthday list: try out a new beach. I decided to try Winthrop Beach in nearby Winthrop. I somehow ended up at an entirely different beach in East Boston. This chain of events reminded me that travelers must be open to the unexpected—even... Continue Reading →


  OK, that's it. The universe is calling me back to Yorkshire. Where's Yorkshire? Take a wild guess. Yes, England. The county of Yorkshire is where my lifelong obsession with England began. Having been afflicted with a chronic case of travel bug at the tender age of 17, I knew I'd have to study abroad... Continue Reading →

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