Well, the last thing I need is another monthly expense, but I have broken down and am trying out Netflix. I have always borrowed DVDs from the library, but it has become too frustrating. The majority of the DVDs are in horrible shape! It is sooo frustrating to miss chunks of a film b/c it has to skip over a scratched area. I almost didn’t get to watch the last three minutes of 8 1/2 because there was a damaged area!! I was watching it on my laptop, and after trying five or six times to get it to work, I put it in my TV and that worked. Argh.

So the first film to show up in my mailbox was a documentary called Maxed Out. It touches on the problems of the country’s national debt, and people’s personal debt. I have been struggling with credit card debt for, oh, the past 12 years, so I was intrigued by the topic. The movie reaffirmed my belief that banks and credit card companies are EVIL. And that the government is corrupt. A Harvard professor who was interviewed predicts that the middle class is going to disappear…and I think that is where the country is headed. You will always have the richy riches, and soon we will just have one other group: people drowning in debt. There was a segment on predatory lending and college students…very sad. Talk about predatory!! I am sure a lot of you remember how many credit card companies would visit campus. I read on the website Americans for Fairness in Lending (which the film mentioned) that the average college student has four credit cards. Four!? A person who does not have a full-time job (at the least the majority don’t) has four credit cards?

Well, I won’t depress you, or myself, any longer. Check out Americans for Fairness in Lending if you are interested:

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  1. Be sure to check the “Play Now” section. There are quite a few movies that can be watched on your computer immediately.

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