Oprah, Can I Have a Car?

Busy weekend at the Independent Film Festival, between volunteering and watching films. I saw four interesting documentaries.

One was about Sasha Shulgin, a brilliant chemist who re-discovered the compound for the drug Ecstasy in the ’60s. He liked to experiment with psychedelic drugs, in a scientific sense. He thought that these types of drugs could be used in therapy, for psychological purposes. There is currently a whole movement of people working with the FDA and other agencies to try to enable psychiatrists to prescribe such drugs. It was fascinating.

I saw two music documentaries about two of my favorite groups/musicians….amazing! One was about the Magnetic Fields, and the other was about Elliott Smith. It was so cool to see how and where these musicians work(ed), and learn about their relationships with family and friends. The Elliott Smith one had a somber undertone, because he committed suicide in 2003. It is an emotionally charged situation because his girlfriend was with him at the time, and some people accuse her of killing him. The case is still open, but no one has come forward with any incriminating evidence against her.

I also saw a documentary about the scene in Denver as the city prepared to host the DNC in 2008. There were interesting angles covered: protesters, journalists, and the mayor’s office.

Tomorrow is closing night of the festival. A documentary about Saturday Night Live was scheduled. The fest found out yesterday that they wouldn’t be able to screen it! #($#)$*@(! Amazingly, they got their hands on Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s latest film (he is the genius behind Amelie).

OK, so where the hell does Oprah come in? Well, on a totally unrelated note, I won tickets to see a special Oprah show in NYC next Friday. I have been trying to get tickets to her show off and on for YEARS. And yesterday, I got them. I think most people either love Oprah or hate/dislike her. Me, I like her. I’m not a disciple, but I think she does a lot of good for people. Or at least tries. I subscribe to her magazine and find some thoughtful articles. Her motto is Live Your Best Life…that’s a solid motto.

So I have no idea who is coming with me yet, where we will stay, or how we will get there. But we will get there! At 8:30 am next Friday! I don’t need a car, Oprah…but a free book might be nice?

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