Mary and I went to Portland for the weekend (Amtrak has a buy one, get one free deal to Portland through the end of the year. Get thee to Portland!). It was a mix of old and new experiences, which was great.

Old = beer at Gritty’s, dinner at Bull Feeney’s. Shopping at favorite stores. Visiting the Portland Museum of Art.

New = Eating the best haddock I have ever tasted, at J’s Oyster. It. melted. in. my. mouth. Drinking the best hazelnut coffee I have ever tasted, at Coffee by Design. Like eating hazelnuts through a straw. And discovering a flavored popcorn store.

So, the popcorn. When I was a kid, there was a flavored popcorn store in the city. I don’t remember how often we went, but going there for popcorn is one of my favorite memories. There is something awesome about eating popcorn that tastes like bubble gum, watermelon, or cotton candy. Trust me on this one. The store eventually went out of business…and I hadn’t seen such a store since.

Mary and I ended up visiting the popcorn store twice, because we ate almost a whole bag of key lime pie popcorn that we had bought to share. She bought more key lime pie, and I bought New England berries.


And the store delivers!!

Check this out…it is part of a current exhibit at the art museum, by Maine artist Anna Hepler. This is in the museum’s lobby. It is gorgeous…it’s different colors of plastic (salvaged from dumps) sewn together. It’s hanging over a skylight, so the colors change as the light changes.

Courtesy of

Portland rocks, y’all.