Back from the Homeland


Why does vacation time go by twice as fast as nonvacation time?

I’m back from my trip “out west.” I met Dad’s new kitten, Buddy; I met my friend Marge’s 2-week-old son, Ari. Mom and I went on jaunts to Naples (home of the Naples Grape Festival) and Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua. And then Lil Bro and I drove around the entirety of western Massachusetts before he dropped me off at the bus station in Albany, NY.

I thought it would be fun for the two of us to cruise around the Berkshires for a couple of days. But accommodations was an issue. I refused to pay $289 for a Super 8 motel room! Tanglewood, shmanglewood. I tried finding a cabin at a state park, but they were all booked. Then, I tried the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Score! There was a room available at a lodge in the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts. Well, Russell, Massachusetts. The lodge was very nice. We didn’t have much time to enjoy it, as we arrived at 10 pm and left the next day. But we did hike one of the trails that left right from the lodge before we left.

We left Russell and headed for Mt. Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts. We drove through the park since we were short on time. We did hike one strenuous* trail at the end. I was practically crawling back to our car and couldn’t even speak because I was too busy panting profusely. I need more cardio in my life.

We continued west to Albany, had a lovely dinner, and slept soundly in our air-conditioned hotel room. The next day, we explored downtown Albany a bit before parting ways at the bus station. I slept for most of the bus ride, so it went by quickly.

I’ll put up a photo essay once I download my photos…


*The map said the trail was strenuous, I swear.

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