My New Pencil Sharpener

I went to Borders for the last time. I think it might be closing on Monday. I got two hardcovers and a CD for $12. There’s not much left at all, except for some random fiction and lots of romance novels. One of the books I bought was A Lion Called Christian. I found it all by its lonesome in the magazine section. It called to me, just like it did at the Borders in Rochester. WEIRD.

I so wanted to buy a bookshelf as a memento. Three bookshelves for $100! I live in a studio; I have no room for another bookshelf! I eyed a table topper for $20. Where would I put that?? As I was making my exit, I noticed some tables with office supplies strewn on them in the café. I would be able to take home a piece of Borders after all!

I perused hand soap and lightbulbs and toner cartridges. Reams of paper…not very romantic. I picked up a price gun and looked it over. I did have fond memories of the price gun. But what would I do with a price gun? I looked at some spacers: black plastic cubes that we would put at the end of shelves to…well, take up extra space so the books would stand up straight. What would I do with black plastic cubes? Hmm.

And then.

I saw the pencil sharpener. I was just thinking the other day that I NEEDED A PENCIL SHARPENER. Absolutely perfect. And $3 to boot.

I handed the sharpener to the cashier. He rang it up and said, “That’ll be 1.75.”

I squeaked, “Really?”

Then he mumbled something about all fixtures and supplies being 50% off and then another 10% off.

I was making out like a bandit. They were practically giving things away at this point.

I walked out the door, and a street musician was playing bittersweet, haunting music on his violin. A Borders requiem.

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