It’s Time to Play the Music…


The new Muppet movie comes out next week. Being a huge Muppet fan, I am definitely going to see it (on opening day, actually). But after reading an article about the movie in Entertainment Weekly, I am wary. The article made it sound like the “production team” (writers, director, etc.) and the puppet team (which includes some Muppet Show veterans) didn’t always see eye to eye. Frank Oz decided not to be involved because he wasn’t cool with the script.

Ohhhh, shit. Disney owns the Muppets, after all. But Jim’s daughter, Lisa, gave the thumbs up, so the movie can’t be that bad.

I had fun recording Mahna-Mahna on the Muppets site; check it out.

And on a related note, the documentary Being Elmo is out in theaters. It brought people I know to tears. If you like the Muppets, Elmo, puppets, or are in the mood for a feel-good doc, see if it’s playing near you. Mahna-mahna.

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